I made this about 10 years ago. It was an inspirational piece. I was having long email conversations with my favorite uncle from Utah. As per usual the conversation turns to “when will you come back to the fold”. It pissed me off. Zero respect for apostatizing nieces or their desire to remain Mormon-free. So instead of being pissed I made this and just stopped talking to him. He will always be my favorite uncle but I just can’t handle DNA strands who think I am going to come back to their way of thinking.

This was used for the poster of my first erotic show in Everett called “Summer Heat”. It is made exactly like the plaster of Paris Devil mask. It took a while and was detailed with rope. I made a thick resin glaze to pour over it. The nipples were horns. I had it for years and loved it but when I moved out of Snohomish I could not take everything and got rid of it. The nipple tips had broke off. I have serious REGRETS about throwing it away. I just had to much art and did not know what to do and was overwhelmed with my move.

At least I have this photo.